Find coffee, take photos, write letters, and avoid snakes.

New Orleans, Louisiana


        I am sitting at gate C10 at an airport in New Orleans. I am heading to Los Angeles for a meeting this evening, and shortly after I will be leaving for Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and China. More on that in a minute. Or an hour, depending on how slow you read.

        About 6 months ago I went to Boston for two weeks to shoot part of a documentary about the Boston Marathon. The documentary is called “Boston”, because people in Boston find, “The Boston Marathon” entirely too lengthy of a phrase, and prefer to refer to the race as simply, “Boston”. The documentary does not focus on one aspect of the Boston Marathon, but everything from the first ever Boston marathon to the first woman to run the race, to the bombing in 2013, to this year’s first American winner in 31 years. It is scheduled for a theatrical release in mid-2016.

        It was one of the greatest filmmaking experiences of my career, and I owe that to the producer, Megan Williams, and the man who referred me to her, Robert Adanto. And the man who referred me to him, Chris Breault. Thanks Chris. Thanks Robert. 

        Megan and I align in mays ways, personally and professionally. We are both fiercely loyal, and we have a low tolerance for bullshit. We like to work hard and we like to collaborate. We see the value in a strong, honest partnership and I believe that is why she called me to shoot more of “Boston” in Australia. 

        We will be shooting for 2 weeks in Melbourne and the surrounding area. Once the two weeks are up, the director, Jon Dunham (Spirit of the Marathon I, Spirit of the Marathon II), will return to Rome and I will stay. At this point, my only definitive plans are to fly out of Bangkok at the end of October. Prior to that, I plan to spend a couple weeks in Australia, a couple weeks in New Zealand, and a few weeks in Thailand. I’ll be flying into Phuket, spend some time there and then drive up to Bangkok. 

        I intend to drive around, find coffee, take photos, write letters, and avoid snakes. Check back for updates.