The Neighbor



You know that character in movies, the neighbor spied on from a window? He is usually doing something peculiar- moving large amounts of something into the back yard, or stitching a uniform at 3am, or playing Jenga alone.

When I moved from New Orleans to Los Angeles, removed from the context of that circus of a town, I began to see myself as that character. Spying on me at 3am will invariably bring you some interesting results. But if you are in the neighborhood, just knock on the door. 

I have always been a digger. I ask the questions that let me in. I want to know what character you are from the movies. What do you love about yourself that no one ever notices? What is your go-to excuse to leave an awful conversation? Why do you keep blinking right when I trip the shutter? 

Photography is my Trojan Horse and coffee is my cologne. I do not smell like coffee, that is not what I am saying. I wear normal cologne. I am saying these things are merely my chosen avenues through which I may engage with all of you. I find my portfolio is only half as rewarding as the time I spend with my subjects. If you want to stick around while I develop, there is even more coffee to be had.

We do not have to shoot a portrait when you come over, but I cannot promise the coffee will be any good if we neglect the camera. Somehow, they are symbiotic. 

Thank you for visiting.

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Below are photos from various documentary shoots.